Weekly note 11/9/17

We’ve had a great 1st week in year 4, lots of teambuilding and getting to know the routines. The re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth was great fun and lots of learning took place. Thank you for all the props and costumes.   

For your information here’s what’s happening this week:-

History: On Friday we had a brief taster of the Tudor Monarchs. Over the next 2 weeks we will be carrying out some more detailed research on one of the characters of the children’s choice. We expect that the children will be enthused and motivated and want to carry on their research at home. Please encourage them to do so as this will be their homework for the next 2 weeks.

Numeracy: Lessons will be focusing on rounding and mental addition and subtraction. Rainbow Targets will be given out on 22nd September during the Rainbow Launch day-more details to follow.

Literacy: We will be writing and learning a story from another culture.  Any reading that links with stories from another culture would be much appreciated.  Please see links on the blog for books that are recommended.

Sailing: What an exciting opportunity for the children to have a ‘taster’ of life on the waves! Well, the Model Yacht Pond. Please could you fill in the blue permission form that will be sent Monday, giving your permission and any medical information, please return by end of next week. Mrs Dowding’s class will be going first next Friday. You will need to arrange for your child to be dropped off at the Model Yacht Pond, by the sailing club, anytime from 8:30 for a 9am start. Please report to Mrs Dowding. Children will need to wear clothes that can get wet, a pair of shoes that don’t come off (i.e. no flip flops, crocs, wetsuit shoes) that can also get wet, jumpers and coat if it is cold and wet. A plastic bag is a good idea to put the clothes in afterwards. Please don’t forget to pack school uniform!  

Family photos:  Please could the children bring in family photo for our class display.  

Please note this will be the only paper copy of the weekly update we will be sending home. It is vital that you subscribe to the year 4 blog to receive the important weekly update which may include details of trips and events. It is also important to subscribe to the St Martin’s home page blog as school events and information are posted here. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this or do not have access to the internet.



Thank you for all the offers of help we’ve had so far. Please pop in and see us if you can help in anyway at all-it does make a difference!

Year 4 team

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