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If you need to¬†contact your child’s teacher and you are unable to come in and speak to them directly, please feel free to send them an email.

Many thanks.


Mrs Dowding


Mrs Karia


Miss Dyke


Mrs Judd




6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Mrs Karia, please can I collect Celeste tomorrow for the Battle of Britain show? I will aim to be at school before 11am.

    Many thanks,

    Sarah Le Sauvage

  2. Message for Miss Dyke: Anjali has mentioned something about a change in swimming day, but I cannot find anything on the blog. Could you let me know if there are any changes and what they might be.



  3. Message for Miss Green.,

    Christina Jones would like to join a netball club, which is starts today 13th September.
    Christina,s mum.

    Mrs Anda Jones

  4. Message for Miss Golland

    I would like to make an appointment for a parent meeting, however, I
    can’t find your email address on the Y4 blog. I will be bringing Benjy to school in the morning, could I quickly see you to fix a time, please.


    Rachel Mallard

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