Links to the Easter script and song words

Please find below, links to the Easter script and song words (in case any children have mislaid them!).  Children should know their lines and be well on the way to knowing all song words this week.

Many thanks for your support,

Year 4

Literacy – Thursday and Friday

Just a note to say that the children will be choosing a way to learn our Science Fiction text – ‘The Black Box’ in literacy for the rest of this week.  They will have a choice in their teams to either: act the story out, use mini figures to act it out, write/draw a text map.  If the team requires mini figures, they may bring them in!

Many thanks

Year 4

Free Reading Friday

A reminder to children that tomorrow (Friday) is our first ‘free reading Friday’.  This means that children (with permission from parents/carers) are able to bring in any suitable reading material to school, for example: kindle, comics, cookery book, newspaper, other electronic devices (that you can read on).  

Don’t forget to dress up tomorrow as your favourite book character and bring your 50p if you would like to buy a book in the book sale!

Weekly note 09.01.17

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 09.01.17

Well that was a quick week! It’s great to be back and see all the children, they all sound like they’ve had a wonderful Christmas.

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: We will be focusing on written multiplication methods. This term we are really going to push the children hard into learning their times tables.There will be lots of fun activities and games but a high expectation for the children to be practising regularly. Please use the blog for some useful advice and weblinks:

Our aim is for ALL the children to know ALL their times tables by heart by the end of the year-please help us with this target!

We will also be giving the children their new Rainbow Targets on doubling and halving-see homework books next week.

Literacy: The children have been set a challenge by Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) to design their own invention. This will then be the basis for some explanation writing. The children might like to think about and discuss their ideas with you at home. Let the creativity flow!

Literacy writing targets will be sent home in their homework books.

Science: we will be starting our new topic on electricity, building and exploring circuits.

Lost Property: we had a lot of lost property left at half term please could all uniform and PE kit be clearly named so we can return lost items.

Reading: thanks for some of the offers for help in hearing readers. If you arrive at school at about 2:30pm to sit in the car park why not join us and hear some readers instead of waiting on the playground in the cold? Let us know if you can help.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continued support.
Year 4 team

Weekly note 5/12/16

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 5/12/16
We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Fayre, our PTA did a fabulous job! Here’s what’s coming this week:-
Numeracy: We will be learning about measures.
Literacy: We will be writing our own historical stories.
DT: Our DT project will begin and we will be making soft toys-snowmen, robins and Christmas trees. If you have any unwanted teddy bears, please bring them in as we will be deconstructing toys and looking at how they are put together and made.
We are very keen to have any willing volunteers to help thread needles and untangle sewing! Please let the class teacher know if you can help at all. We are planning to do these lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
ICT: We will be focusing on e-safety and how to be safe on-line.

Year 4 team

Weekly note 21.11.16

It’s finally arrived….
Tudor Day -this Friday 25th November.
Children will need to come dressed as a rich or poor Tudor. See blog for examples. There will be workshops for the children in the morning such as cooking, quill writing, making a pomander and much more. Thank you to those who have offered their help, if you haven’t let us know and you are able to come in for the morning to help out – please get in touch, you will really make our day!
Parents are then invited at 2:00pm to look at all the children’s work in their books and on display, there will also be some Tudor dances at 2:30pm to watch and portraits to appreciate. Parking will be on the playground.
Here’s what’s happening the rest of the week:-
Numeracy: we will be doing some problem solving and continuing with fractions.
Literacy: the children will be writing up their own inventions for Tudor crime and punishment-some are quite gruesome!
PE: Please could children bring in OUTDOOR PE KIT on any PE day as the hall is now out of use for Nativity rehearsals.
Art: We will be making our Tudor portraits, again if anyone is able to come in and help for these, please let us know.
We look forward to seeing you all on Friday.
Year 4 team