Weekly Update – 25.6.18

What an amazing sports day we all had!  We were very proud of the children for trying their best, encouraging each other and showing some great behaviour throughout.

Here’s what’s coming up this week:-

Sponsored swim: We are looking forward to our sponsored swim next week.  Please remember to bring sponsorship forms back before the day the children swim.  If you would like to watch your children, please let us know the time you intend to come and we will keep your child out of the pool until then.  We are desperately in need for lane counters too, please let your class teacher know asap.

Miss Green’s class – Monday 25th June 9:45 – 11

Mrs Dowding’s class – Wednesday 27th June 12.30-1.45

Miss Golland’s class – Wednesday 27th June 1.45-2.30

Numeracy: We will be looking at word problems and giving our rainbow targets one last push!

Literacy: We will be finishing our stories with issues, problems and dilemmas then moving onto reflecting on our year for our reports.

Geography: We will undertake an expedition around the school grounds and begin our art topic on Goldsworthy.

Homework: Keep practising times tables and Rainbow targets. We would also like you to find out any information you can about the artist Goldsworthy.

Date for your diaries:

We will need parent helpers between 8:45 – 1pm for our Magical Day in the park.  

Miss Green – 4th July

Mrs Dowding – 5th July

Miss Golland  – 6th July


Many Thanks

Year 4 Team

Weekly note 18.6.18

We’ve had another busy week at school!  Well done to those children who were involved in The Pied Piper production; you were all awesome and we were very proud of you.  Congratulations to the year 3 and 4 football team today who played fantastically in their tournament and remained unbeaten throughout!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:-

Sports Day: THIS Thursday (21st) 1:00-3:00pm. Parents very welcome. Children need to come into school in PE kit- house colours please! (Normans – blue, Tudors – yellow, Stuarts – Green and Saxons – red).

The first part of the afternoon will be team games to gain points for their houses, feel free to walk around and cheer on! The second part of the afternoon will be races and relays. Please ensure children have sunscreen on before school, hats, plenty of water and any medication (inhalers need to be full and in date and please dose up with antihistamines for hay fever sufferers!)

Numeracy: We will be identifying trees in our environment and working out their ages. Also, we will be looking at coordinates.

Homework:  Mathletics, Times tables rockstars, Rainbow targets – let’s give a last big push to achieve our targets!

Literacy: We will be continuing to look at stories with issues, problems and dilemmas.

Geography: We will be continuing with our ‘Habitats’ topic.

PTA event:  A reminder that the PTA are holding a Father’s Day family fun day morning next Saturday.  £6 per man (kids go free). Tickets on sale before and after school.

Please could Lihou permission and medical information forms be handed in as soon as possible and any outstanding payments.

Many Thanks

Year 4 Team

Lower Junior Sports Day

House Sports Day!

Thursday 21st June is the Lower Junior sport afternoon!  

Children can come to school wearing their sports kit instead of school uniform.

Children can try and wear something in the colour of their house:

Normans = Blue

Saxons = Red

Tudors = Yellow

Stuarts = Green

We are hoping for sunny weather for the afternoon so please put sunscreen on your child before they come to school. It would also be useful to bring some in so that they can re-apply cream at lunchtime too.  A hat and a water bottle will be needed as well.

The House sports will start at 1.00pm in the main field.

You are welcome to join us for the event and follow your child around the 16 sporting events.  At the end of the afternoon the sprints and shuttle runs will take place and the winning house will be announced!

Good luck everyone!

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 11.06.18

What a great start we’ve had to our last half term! Thank you to those who attended the Lihou information evening on Monday, we appreciate your time.

An important note: Games for Miss Green’s and Miss Golland’s classes is changing from a Thursday afternoon to a Friday morning. Please may children bring their games kits on a Friday now for the rest of the half term. Miss Golland’s class may come to school in their games kit and change into their uniform after the lesson.

Here’s what’s coming up next week:-

Lihou trip – A reminder that medical forms for Lihou should be handed in ASAP (including parent helpers).  Please note that extra copies of forms are available from your child’s class teacher. Please could any outstanding payments be handed in to the office.   

Swimming: Please may Mrs Dowding’s and Miss Golland’s class bring in a pair of old shorts and an old t-shirt for swimming in this week.  

Numeracy: We will be focusing on problem solving involving sequences and patterns and looking at data handling.

Literacy: We will be continuing our new unit on ‘Stories with Issues and Dilemmas’.  

Topic: We have started our new topic ‘Habitats’. Children will be exploring the habitats within the school grounds and designing their own species that could be found there.

The Pied Piper: Year 4 will be watching the school performance of The Pied Piper on Tuesday afternoon. Parents may buy tickets for the performances on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening from the main foyer before and after school.

Sport your trainers: Friday is ‘sport your trainers’ day. Children are invited to wear their sports kit and trainers for a suggested donation of 50p for the Guernsey Sports Commission.

Race For Life: This will take place after school on Friday. Parents and carers are invited to join in!  Letters to follow shortly.

Sports Day: Thursday 21st June. We are currently making the arrangements for this exciting event. Please feel free to join us in the afternoon!


Many Thanks

Year 4 Team


We hope you have all had a relaxing half term.

Lihou meeting

A reminder that we have a meeting for parents and children on Monday evening (tomorrow) at 5.30pm.  We will be handing out important medical forms to be filled in asap.

Waterproof coats

The children will be outside during the afternoon tomorrow starting their habitats topic.  Please could you ensure they have a waterproof coat just in case it rains.  They are welcome to bring a change of shoes/wellies too if needed.  

Many thanks

Year 4

Weekly Update – Week beginning 4.6.18

We have had an epic week having a go at lots of activities culminating in a parade and celebration this afternoon.

Here’s what’s coming after half term:-

Numeracy: We will be seeing how much we have learnt in numeracy so far this year.

Literacy: We will be starting a new unit on stories with issues and dilemmas. we will also be doing some reading assessments.

Topic: We will be starting a new science unit on habitats.

Lihou Meeting: Just a reminder that this meeting will be on Monday 4th at 5:30pm, children are welcome.

Homework: There will be no formal homework over the half term break as we would like them to rest. However, as usual Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars and reading are always recommended.

Have a lovely half term!

Many Thanks

Year 4 team

Weekly Update – week beginning 21.5.18

We have had a fun week investigating how to keep potatoes warm!

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: We will be looking at word problems involving money.

Literacy: We will be editing our persuasive letter and hopefully posting them!

For your homework, please try and finish your letter which is in your Google Drive account. If you have finished please edit and improve it. If you don’t have access to Google Drive you can do this in homework club on Monday.

Epic Week: Your children have brought a letter home detailing the activity and any equipment needed. Children do not need to wear school uniform next week, but should wear clothes appropriate for their activity.

Walk to School Week: We encourage the children to walk, scoot or ride to school next week as part of the Walk to School Week. Each child should have brought home a leaflet.

Have a lovely weekend!

Many Thanks

Year 4 team

Weekly note 14.5.18

We hope you enjoyed your extra holiday this week!  We have had a great couple of days at school too.

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Lihou:  Please could you ensure payments and forms for Lihou are made ASAP.

We will be holding a meeting for parents/carers and children who are coming to Lihou on Monday 4th June at 5.30pm.  Please come along as we will be handing out medical forms and going over the itinerary and kit list.

Numeracy: We will be looking at proportion and then moving onto percentages.

Literacy: We will be writing our own persuasive letter.  The children should have chosen a company that they would like to persuade e.g. a toothpaste company.  They then need to think of what they would like to persuade them to do e.g. not use cardboard boxes to hold the tubes in or not use plastic tubes.  Then they need to think of 3 reasons why this would be better for the environment. If they would like to do any extra research for this they can! Please ensure that the homework is completed by Monday.


Science:  Children will be planning and undertaking a fair test which investigates how to keep things warm.

Have a lovely weekend!

Many Thanks

Year 4 team

Weekly note 30/4/18

We’ve had another great week at school.  We’ve been busy writing and done some more wombling around the school grounds.

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: We will be investigating fractions further and learning about ratio.

Literacy: We will starting our new unit on persuasive writing.  this will be based on the research that the children have been asked to carry out this week for homework – see link.


Geography: We are looking forward to welcoming Lindsay de Sausmarez to come and talk to us.

PE:  We will be doing athletics on Thursday so please ensure children have the correct kit.

Ann Bryant:  Reading patron – will be coming in to talk to the children on Tuesday.

Decider Skills:   

Come along to our information evening on the Decider Skills. We have started to teach all our children a set of skills to help them recognize and deal with difficult emotions such as anger, worry or sadness. The evening will allow families to use these different skills so that they can be used at home. Charlie Cox of the Youth Commission will lead the session and there will be a chance for you to ask questions afterwards.  For more information visit: http://www.thedecider.org.uk/

Please contact the school office to secure your place on office@stmartins.sch.gg or tel 756060

Enjoy your weekend!

Many Thanks

Year 4 team