Weekly note 12.02.18


Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 12.02.18

The children looked great in their costumes for Book Week today!  We’ve had another busy week and the children have made some super ‘Feel the Force Day’ movies.  We all enjoyed our special assembly with A F Harrold on Thursday too.

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: We’ll be revisiting written methods for the four operations. Please, please could the children keep learning their times tables at home.

see the blog for links and games.

Literacy: The children will be writing their own explanation text using their invention design from last week.

Tag Rugby session:  All of the year 4 classes will be taking part in a tag rugby session on TUESDAY.  Please ensure children bring their full outdoor PE kit (that can get muddy) and a plastic bag for muddy belongings!

Music:  We have been asked by the School’s Music Service to remind parents that applications to take up an instrument next year should be in as soon as possible.  They will accept applications until Friday 16th February.  Please contact the School’s Music Service for further information.

Ladies College visit: Next Wednesday 14th February Year 9 pupils from Ladies College will be visiting year 4 with history games as  part of their school projects. It is a great opportunity for the children to meet secondary children and find out the learning that they do. They’ll spend about 45 mins with us and we look forward to welcoming them.

Special Golden time:  On Friday we will be having a special golden time where the children will be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the older version).  Children are welcome to bring onesies and blankets to make themselves more comfortable.  We will provide the popcorn!

Easter Service:  Children have been invited to sign up for auditions on Monday for our Easter Service.  The children have started learning some of the songs in their music lessons and should have brought home the song word booklet today.  If they have signed up for a singing part (group or individual) they should be prepared to sing some of the first song in an informal audition.  If they have signed up for an acting role, they should prepare to act part of the script that they have brought home.  If they haven’t signed up for anything but would like to be considered, they can opt in on Monday.  The more, the merrier!

song music

Song words

Audition script

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Year 4 team


Miss Golland’s class assembly

Our class assembly is on the 20th November. Below are the lyrics for the song we will be singing  and the Youtube link should take you to the music we will be singing to. Please practise at home, scripts will also be coming home this week. Thank you!

Song lyrics:

Divorced, beheaded and died

Divorced, beheaded, survived

I’m Henry VIII, I had six sorry wives

Some might say I ruined their lives


Catherine of Aragon was one

She failed to give me a son

I had to ask her for a divorce

That broke up her heart of course


Young Anne Boleyn, she was two

Had a daughter, the best she could do

I said she flirted with some other man

And off with the chop went dear Anne


Lovely Jane Seymour was three

The love of a lifetime for me

She gave me a son

Little Prince Ed

Then poor old Jane went and dropped dead


Divorced, beheaded and died

Divorced, beheaded, survived

I’m Henry VIII, I had six sorry wives

Some might say I ruined their lives


Anne of Cleves came at four

I fell for the portrait I saw

Then laid eyes on her face and cried “she’s a horse!”

I must have another divorce


Catherine Howard was five

A child of 19, so alive

She flirted with others, no way to behave

The axe sent young Cath to her grave


Katherine Parr she was last

By then all my best days were past

I lay on my death bed age just 55

Lucky Katherine the last stayed alive

I mean how unfair


Divorced, beheaded and died

Divorced, beheaded, survived

I’m Henry VIII, I had six sorry wives

You could say I ruined their lives



Miss Golland’s Class – Tudor Food

Tudor Food

We are currently researching all about the different foods that Tudors ate.

Here are some useful links that cover a range of topics:








Where did Tudor food come from?




What did the poor eat?Rich and poor tudors ate very different foods from each other.




What did the rich eat?

The link below will take you to a great BBC documentary all about preparing for a Tudor feast. This is one to watch at home as it is quite long!


Other links:




What was a Tudor kitchen like?





Do you want to bake like a Tudor?

Here are some links to sites that will tell you all about baking in Tudor times:



Below are a selection of links which will take you to Tudor recipes if you want to have a go yourself.



How did the Tudor diet affect people’s health?

Tudor diets weren’t particularly healthy and often caused problems for their health. The water was polluted and could be very harmful, the sweet fatty diet consumed by the rich caused their teeth to rot and the rubbish dumped outside houses encouraged rodents which spread the plague!



Weekly Update for week beginning 16.10.17

Wow what a busy week we have had!  We had a fantastic trip to Castle Cornet on Monday, yesterday Year 4 really enjoyed watching the production performed by Rhubarb Theatre. Finally, we had some superb presentations from school council election candidates, they should be really proud of themselves for taking part and the effort they went to.

Here’s what’s happening in the coming week:-

History: We will begin a project on another element of the Tudor period.  This week will involve researching.

Please click below for a few pictures from our Castle Cornet visit.  Ask the children to tell you about some of the artefacts and facts they learnt!


Numeracy: We will be learning about shape and space.

Literacy: Children will be writing their own poems based on the theme ‘Autumn’. The children are invited to have a go at some literacy homework this week.  See the link below for more information


Parents’ Appointments; We look forward to seeing you next week.  If you have not signed up for an appointment, please email your class teacher to make one.  A reminder that Mrs Dowding’s parents should book an appointment with her and if they also wish to speak to Mrs Judd about Numeracy they can book a separate appointment or Mrs Dowding can give feedback.

Google Drive:  The children have now been given their own Google Drive login and password.  This will be an easy way of children being able to add to work from home and for them to show you some of the work they have been doing. The folders are linked to Class teachers. A reminder that children should all have signed an e-safety agreement for home and school to ensure safe and sensible use of this technology. Let your child show you how to log on.

Tudor Day; Monday 27th Novemberalthough a long way off we thought you might like to put this in your diaries. The children will be participating in workshops in the morning and then you are invited to see their work. The children can dress as a rich or poor Tudor for the day. Please ask if you need some ideas.

Epic Friday: Children have made choices today for activities that will be run during 4 Fridays in November.  More information to follow!

Halloween disco: A reminder that tickets for the disco go on sale this Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 4 team

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 2.10.17

We’ve had another super week in year 4!  We have been really pleased with the way the children have begun to learn their Rainbow targets. Miss Golland’s class had a wonderful first sailing session, they are looking forward to next week.

For your information here’s what’s happening this week:-

History: The children have begun working on team posters on their Tudor Monarch. For homework, children may wish to produce something extra that they could add to their team poster e.g. using an app like Morpho to create a video, making some extra fact cards or visuals that could be added.  More information is available in the topic section of the blog.

Numeracy: We will be looking at word problems and improving our written addition and subtraction methods. Please practice times tables and Rainbow targets and go on Mathletics-this is the homework this week!

Literacy: The children have all worked hard this week writing their story from another culture which they should be proud of.  This week they will be producing their final piece of writing in this unit.  We will also be doing some reading and spelling assessments through the week.

School Council: A reminder that children who would like to stand for School Council elections should prepare a short presentation (no more than 3 mins) or poster to share with their class.  These presentations will take place week beginning 9.10.17)

Sailing: A reminder that Miss Golland’s class will be sailing next Friday (6.10.17). The same arrangements as the previous week applies.

Recycling Week:  On Monday 2nd October school is hosting a special assembly to launch the island’s Recycling Week. Please send your child to school on Monday with a clean tin or can to recycle. To help celebrate Recycling Week we would like to invite families to make their own Recycling Pledge. To give you some ideas of how you might like to begin or improve recycling at home there is lots of information on the Recycling Guernsey website www.gov.gg/recycling

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Year 4 team

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 18.9.17

 We’ve had another fantastic week, the children are settling into year 4 so well and we are proud of their hard work. Mrs Dowding’s class had a brilliant time sailing and are looking forward to next week.

For your information here’s what’s happening this week:-

History: The children have chosen a Tudor Monarch that they would like to find out more about. Thank you to those children who have started researching at home already – feel free to use the websites on the Year 4 blog and borrow any books from school. There will be no literacy homework for the next two weeks to allow time to do any extra research they would like to do to bring to their group.

Numeracy: Lessons will be focusing on sequences and mental strategies.

We would like to emphasise the importance of learning times tables. By Christmas we would expect most children to know their tables up to the ten times table and with fast recall. 10 minutes a day will make all the difference!

All children will be bringing home a Times Tables Rockstar login in the next few days. Don’t forget to use Mathletics to help as well!

Rainbow Maths Day: Rainbow Maths Day is on Friday 22nd and children are invited to dress in rainbow colours for the day. We will be doing Rainbow Maths related activities and handing out this term’s targets.

Literacy: Will be continuing to look at stories from other cultures. The children will be planning and writing their own.

Year 4 team