Miss Dyke’s Lihou Trip

Watch the video below of our amazing time in Lihou, another big thanks for all the helpers and the children for their amazing behaviour…hope you enjoy!

P.s There were so many more fab photos taken and it was really hard to get the video down to 10 minutes!

Free Reading Friday

A reminder to children that tomorrow (Friday) is our first ‘free reading Friday’.  This means that children (with permission from parents/carers) are able to bring in any suitable reading material to school, for example: kindle, comics, cookery book, newspaper, other electronic devices (that you can read on).  

Don’t forget to dress up tomorrow as your favourite book character and bring your 50p if you would like to buy a book in the book sale!

Tudor Dance

On Tudor day the children will be performing their Tudor dances to their families. Here are the videos and/or music to their dances if they would like to practice what we have been doing at home.

Mrs Karia’s Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUArsokq3UE (Up to 54 seconds)

Miss Dyke’s Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUkwLeNi_YQ

Mrs Dowding’s Class:

(Audio only)

Many thanks,

Year 4 Team

Missing coats

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately a boy has lost not one, but two of his coats after being hung up in the cloakroom. The first one was grey with blue and red stripes on the arms, the second a Helly Hansen bright blue waterproof with new pair of gloves in the pocket.

If someone has taken these home by accident (lots of people have similar coats) or sees them lying around please return to me.

Many thanks,

Miss Dyke

Yoga – Mrs Dowding’s and Miss Dyke’s classes

The children have been asked by the Yoga teacher to think of their favourite song that could be included in a class playlist to use during the session.  Obviously the song choice needs to be appropriate for the class to listen to.  It would be helpful if you could chat about this at home so the children are ready to tell us their song choice at school tomorrow.

Many thanks.

Special Golden Time tomorrow!

Dear all,

The children will have a slightly longer Golden Time tomorrow where they will be able to choose from one of the following activities:

  • Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the newer version
  • Listening to music (disco)
  • Playing board games

Please can you let your children know that they are welcome to bring in any board games/games from home (not electronic devices/iPads etc).

Many thanks,

Year 4 team