Literacy homework 18.11.16

Literacy Homework due in Monday 21st November
In class, children have been inventing Tudor Punishments in pairs and have spent time planning.
Next week, children will be writing an information text based on their invention. Please could you go through the planning sheet with your child and encourage them to add any extra information in preparation for next week. This MUST be brought back on MONDAY.
• Be creative with your ideas.
• Think about whether your made up Tudor punishment would’ve been accepted by King Henry.
• Does it fit with the Tudor period?
Think about the following questions:
• What does it look like?
• How does it work?
• What crime could it be used for?
• Who was it for?
• Where did the punishment take place?
• How long does the punishment last?
• Other interesting facts.
Can you add in any more VCOP to help your writing? (Vocabulary – adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs, topic words, synonyms, Connectives – think about your challenge level, Openers – can you include a variety?, Punctuation – try and use a range)
Many thanks, Year 4 team

Literacy Homework Due in 09.11.16

In class we have been coming up with actions and re-telling the information text about ‘The Pillory’. For homework this week, please can children practice learning the information text. If possible could parents make a note of how many times they practiced this. 

As an additional bit of homework (if you have time) the children have been given a different information text in their red homework books, and they must label the key features of it.

Have a good weekend and enjoy Bonfire night! 



Tudor food homework


Please click on the link for a copy of the next homework which also has some useful web links.


Over the next 3 weeks we would like the children to find out all about Tudor food-this is a popular homework, for obvious reasons!

The homework is due in on Friday 4th November. This does mean that it has been set over the half term holiday. However, we don’t expect it to be done in holiday time-we want you to enjoy the week off! Which is why you have two weeks either side of the holiday and there will be no literacy or numeracy homework set either. If you want more time or require resources please contact us.

You can bring your work in at anytime to share!


Tudor Monarch Research Project

Due in on Tuesday 4th  October

We have just met all the Tudor Monarchs and are beginning to learn a little about them.  For your homework in the coming weeks we’d like you to create a leaflet or poster or an other interesting presentation (e.g. Facebook page, model, powerpoint)  about one of the Tudor Monarchs (kings or queens).  Think about the examples you were shown from last year. Your project must include:

  • Dates of birth and death
  • Dates of monarchy (when they were king or queen)
  • Who/if they married and the names of any children
  • Interesting facts
  • A picture of the monarch

Make sure your work:

  • Shows neat presentation
  • Is eye catching!

You can use books or the topic page on this blog (for links) to help you find out information. Don’t forget homework club Monday lunchtimes and ask us if you need internet access or any resources such as paper, card