Weekly Update 12/3/18

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 12.3.18

The children have all shared a piece of work that they are proud of on their Google Drive today. Please encourage them to log on and show you their work and enjoy!

The children’s homework this weekend is to learn their song and script words.  This is vital!

Our Easter Service Rehearsals are underway and the children’s singing is already sounding great. However, the church is having some electrical work being done and this won’t be completed in time for us. Therefore, we will be rehearsing and performing our service at school in the main hall. Please see the following schedule:-


Literacy:  Writing our own version of ‘The Black Box text’.

Numeracy:  Shape and angles.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your continued support, we’re looking forward to seeing you next week at your parents’ appointment (please get in touch if you haven’t made one yet!)

Year 4 team

Weekly update 5/3/18

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 5.3.18

We hope you have all had fun in the snow this week and enjoyed a few extra days holiday!  Thank you for all the lovely snow work shared on Google Drive.

Parent’s Evening appointments:  You should have received an email to book an appointment with your child’s class teacher.  If you would like any help with this, please contact the School Office or your child’s class teacher.

E-safety:  Safe and Secure Online  Come along to a free presentation of Safe and Secure Online on Wednesday 7th March at 7pm in the school hall, presented by Matthew Parker, an Information Security professional. Safe and Secure Online is a global initiative to help educate parents and carers of some of the risks our children face whilst online.  Matthew will present for about an hour including the following topics:

  •         The risks of Online Gaming
  •         Social Networks
  •         Sexting and mobile phones
  •         Cyberbullying
  •         General Cyber Security

Please note that due to some of the content the session is not suitable for children to attend it is solely aimed at adults.

Literacy:  We will begin our unit on Science Fiction stories, looking at a short story called ‘The Black Box’.  In Guided Reading we are also reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.

Numeracy:  We will be continuing with our work on division and will be carrying out a termly assessment.

Home Sharing Day:  St. Martins will be having a special home sharing day on Friday 9th March.  Children will be sharing a ‘Work Selfie’ from the week with you on which they will upload to their Google Drive account.  They should be able to log on to their account themselves and show you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 4 team



Dear parents/carers,

Hope you are all safe and well, we are missing the children! But is cabin fever setting in? Are the children starting to get bored?

Following the decision to close schools and with the prospect of further disruption here are some ideas you might want to do at home to keep those brain cells going:-

Curl up under a blanket in your Onesie and read a good book, magazine or newspaper!

The Olaf challenge! Build a mini snowman and design a box/package that will keep it frozen for as long as possible!  This is a science based activity that we will be exploring more next term.

Useful Links:-

BBC Science clips


What does a conductor do?

Insulating a beaker

Testing an ice cube

Suggestions for materials

How to make your own Thermos

The science behind a good thermos


What materials are good cold insulators?

Snow art

Paint/sketch a snow scene, make a snowflake out of plasticine/playdough, take photos and make a collage or use PicCollage.

Snow poetry

Write a poem based on snow or ice. Click on the link for examples https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/snow-and-ice-2/

Snow maths

Remember the family measures homework? Can you do something similar?

E.g. height of snowman, time taken for a snowball to melt, differences in temperatures (good negative number work here!) Present how you like!

Please keep up the Mathletics and Timestables Rockstars as well!

Learn your words for the Easter Service:

Click on the links:-


Song words

You can take photos of your work and save them on to your Google Drive, or do it straight on Google Drive or just bring your work in when we see you next!

These are just suggestions for you if you are getting bored! It is optional!

Please stay safe and warm. Hope to see you soon!

Year 4 team



Weekly Update 26.2.18

We hope you are all having an enjoyable half term, well deserved after all the children’s hard work! Here’s what’s coming next  week:-

Easter Service: Parts have been given following some awesome auditions and children will be given scripts and song words to start learning.  Please see below for rehearsal and performance dates and inform your child’s class teacher as soon as possible if your child will be absent for any of the final performances.  We will also be starting rehearsals at the church in the coming weeks. If you can help with escorting us to church and back please let your class teacher know. Here are the dates and times we are due to be rehearsing:-

Friday 9th March 9.30 – 11am

Monday 12th March 1-2.30pm

Tuesday 13th March 1-2.30pm

Friday 16th March 9.30 -11am

Monday 19th March 1-2.30pm

Tuesday 20th March 1-3pm

These are also the dates that we are performing:

Wednesday 21st March 10.45 – 11.45 (dress rehearsal to year 1 and 2)

Thursday 22nd March 1.45 – 2.15 (dress rehearsal to year 3, 5 and 1 year 6 class)

Friday 23rd March 1.45 -2.15 (final performance to parents/carers)

Please make sure your child has a warm coat (the church can get cold) and sensible shoes.

Numeracy: We will be looking at division word problems.  Remember to keep working on those times tables and Rainbow targets!

Literacy: We will begin the week assessing reading and then moving on to looking at Science Fiction stories.  Any reading of this genre would be helpful – why not have a look in the Guilles-Alles library?

Science:  We will begin our topic of ‘Keeping Warm’ which will involve the children planning an exciting investigation.  

First Aid:  Two classes will have their first First Aid session on Tuesday, the other class will have theirs the following week.

Many Thanks

Year 4 Team

Weekly note 12.02.18


Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 12.02.18

The children looked great in their costumes for Book Week today!  We’ve had another busy week and the children have made some super ‘Feel the Force Day’ movies.  We all enjoyed our special assembly with A F Harrold on Thursday too.

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: We’ll be revisiting written methods for the four operations. Please, please could the children keep learning their times tables at home.

see the blog for links and games.

Literacy: The children will be writing their own explanation text using their invention design from last week.

Tag Rugby session:  All of the year 4 classes will be taking part in a tag rugby session on TUESDAY.  Please ensure children bring their full outdoor PE kit (that can get muddy) and a plastic bag for muddy belongings!

Music:  We have been asked by the School’s Music Service to remind parents that applications to take up an instrument next year should be in as soon as possible.  They will accept applications until Friday 16th February.  Please contact the School’s Music Service for further information.

Ladies College visit: Next Wednesday 14th February Year 9 pupils from Ladies College will be visiting year 4 with history games as  part of their school projects. It is a great opportunity for the children to meet secondary children and find out the learning that they do. They’ll spend about 45 mins with us and we look forward to welcoming them.

Special Golden time:  On Friday we will be having a special golden time where the children will be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the older version).  Children are welcome to bring onesies and blankets to make themselves more comfortable.  We will provide the popcorn!

Easter Service:  Children have been invited to sign up for auditions on Monday for our Easter Service.  The children have started learning some of the songs in their music lessons and should have brought home the song word booklet today.  If they have signed up for a singing part (group or individual) they should be prepared to sing some of the first song in an informal audition.  If they have signed up for an acting role, they should prepare to act part of the script that they have brought home.  If they haven’t signed up for anything but would like to be considered, they can opt in on Monday.  The more, the merrier!

song music

Song words

Audition script

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Year 4 team