Lihou! Finally here!

Dear all,

Well, we’re finally here! Lihou week!

Please click on the link for the Guernsey Weather Fox’s summary of the week. WATERPROOF coats a MUST! And warm clothes.

A reminder of the kit list below. Have a great time everyone!

Essential Kit-All clearly named please!

 Sleeping bag or quilt (packed in a waterproof cover/bag e.g. bin liner
taped closed)
 Pillow case and a single sheet
 Wash kit and towel
 Waterproof jacket-essential
 Warm jumper/fleece top
 Indoor footwear ((e.g. slippers, crocs, flip flops-but MUST be clean)
 Wellington boots/ spare trainers (they may get wet crossing the
 Training shoes appropriate for climbing/ scrambling etc
 Personal clothing (not your best stuff!)
 Nightwear
 Teddy bear
 Sun cream/sun hat
 Any medicines / inhalers that have been prescribed-clearly labelled with name and dosage instructions*
 Drink bottle clearly named
 Pen/pencil and notebook
 Book to read
 Biscuits/ cakes for tea and evening snack-to be handed to teachers.
 No sweets or treats to be packed in suitcases please!
No torches required. Please do not bring any valuables to the house such as ipods or mobile phones as no responsibility can be taken for these items should they get damaged or lost. There is no need to bring any money as there is no facility to purchase anything on Lihou.

*Please provide any hayfever medication such as Piriton if your child suffers from hayfever-we are outside most of the time!

Weekly note 26.06.17

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 26.06.17


We have had another busy week at school with lots of outdoor numeracy! The children really enjoyed calculating the age of different trees and using sticks to create rectangles, to work out the area and perimeter!  Here’s what’s happening next week:-

Lihou:  We are off to Lihou!  

Mrs Karia’s class – Monday 26th at 1.30 and return 2.30 on Tuesday 27th (Prosperity car park).

Miss Dyke’s – Tuesday 27th at 2.00 and return at 3.00 (Prosperity car park)

Mrs Dowding’s class – Wednesday 28th 3.30pm (Prosperity car park) and return Thursday 29th 4.30pm (Prosperity car park).

Just a gentle reminder, if you still haven’t paid for Lihou please can you pass on that payment to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

Numeracy: Looking at co-ordinates on a Lihou grid map.

Literacy: We will be finishing off our persuasive leaflets on the 3 R’s.

Science: We will be carrying on with our habitats topic.  

Art: We will be creating our own ‘Goldsworthy’ inspired artwork and doing some printing from these designs.

Homework: There will be no official homework set this week so please encourage children to carry on with practising their Rainbow Targets, Mathletics and reading.

Please bring any remaining Sponsored Swim forms in as soon as possible and don’t forget that sponsored swim takes place on Tuesday (Mrs Dowding’s class) and Friday (Mrs Karia’s class).

The countdown to Lihou begins! Start getting your belongings together and watch the weather forecast!


Many Thanks

Year 4 Team

Sun Safety

A reminder that children should all have a named sunhat with them at school throughout the summer term.  It would be great if they could come every day with a water bottle (they are able to refill) and sun cream that has already been applied.

Many thanks,

Year 4

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 19.06.17

Wow!  What an EPIC week we have had!  The children have been working hard in the mornings and then have been busy during the afternoons trying out one of their chosen activities.  We hope they have all had a wonderful time.  We have!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:-

Sports Day: THIS Wednesday (21st) 1:00-3:00pm. Parents very welcome. Children need to come into school in PE kit- house colours please! (Normans – blue, Tudors – yellow, Stuarts – Green and Saxons – red).

The first part of the afternoon will be team games to gain points for their houses, feel free to walk around and cheer on! The second part of the afternoon will be races and relays. Please ensure children have sunscreen on before school, hats, plenty of water and any medication (inhalers need to be full and in date and please dose up with antihistamines for hay fever suffers!)

Numeracy: We will be identifying trees in our environment and working out their ages. Also, we will be looking at coordinates.

Literacy: Using Google Drive, we will be writing our own persuasive text on the 3Rs.

Geography: We will be continuing with our ‘Habitats’ topic.

Please could Lihou permission and medical information forms be handed in as soon as possible and any outstanding payments.

Many Thanks

Year 4 Team