Digital Leaders

We are introducing Digital Leaders across the school. One Digital Leader will be chosen per class and they will have various responsibilities including being a technical expert within their class and helping their peers to use digital technology. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the iPads are charged and looked after carefully. The Digital Leaders will be required to attend regular lunchtime meetings with all the other Digital Leaders where they will learn their responsibilities and be taught how to use apps more confidently as well as learning to use new apps which they can then show their class.

Interested children will be asked to apply for the role by filling in an application form. This process will start to give them awareness of the real world of work and how you have to apply and interview for a job.

The children have had an assembly to introduce them to what being a digital leader will involve and have brought home an application form if they are interested. Please talk about the role with your child and help them to fill in the application form if they would like to apply. It needs to be returned to your child’s teacher by Friday 13th October.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Karia.

Weekly Update for week beginning 17.07.17

Our last weekly update!

Well done to Mrs Karia’s class for their habitats assembly, they did a fantastic job and they should be very proud of themselves!

We have had an amazing year and the children have been a wonderful year group – we have so many highlights and happy memories. We will miss them all!

Here’s what’s happening in our last week:-

DT: We will be finishing our interactive nursery rhyme storyboards to share with our partners in year 1.

Moulin Huet Trip Wednesday: A reminder that we are off to Moulin Huet for some rock pooling, lunch and and beach art. Please see separate letter which was sent out on Wednesday.

Art: We will looking at Goldsworthy art using repeated patterns. Children will be creating their own stencil designs and use printing  to display repeated patterns, We will then create our own versions of Goldsworthy, using nature, on the beach!

Can we remind you that school finishes Friday 21st July at 1pm. Please bring a snack for playtime. Lunches will not be needed at school that day. The children can bring in quiet games on Friday and please bring a plastic bag / rucksack for their books each day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year, we couldn’t do it without you!

Have a fantastic summer and see you in September!

Many thanks,

Year 4 team

Mid week update

Year 4 trip to Moulin Huet

Wednesday July 19th

  • Please wear sensible clothes-school uniform does not have to be worn.
  • Trainers MUST be worn for the walk
  • Bring shoes suitable for rock-pooling on the beach- sandals, wetsuit boots, jellies…
  • Sunhat and cream needed and possibly a rain coat-please see forecast
  • Please provide a packed lunch in a plastic bag which can be re-used when finished. No lunch boxes, glass bottles or food which could get squashed (or explode!) in a bag.
  • Please bring a labelled water bottle
  • Store all equipment in a light rucksack if possible
  • We will leave school at 10am and head for Moulin Huet via the water lanes.
  • Please bring inhalers, epipens, piriton etc

Any helpers are welcome. Come and join us for lunch! See itinerary for times:

8:45 Register

9:00 Prepare for trip

10:00 Head off for Moulin Huet-via water lanes

11:00 Rock pooling

12:00 Lunch on the beach

12:30 Art/Goldsworthy

2:00 ice creams/party and head back to school up the hill and through nature walk

 Golden Time: Thursday 13th July-TOMORROW!

A special Golden Time will be held on the field tomorrow, please bring:-

  • A change of lightweight clothes (e.g. shorts and t-shirt or bathers) that can get wet
  • A towel
  • A water pistol (no water bombs please)

Many thanks,

Year 4

Mystery Plays

Thank you to everyone for such a fantastic rehearsal yesterday. As you can imagine, with only 2 days to put everything together it takes a great effort from everyone involved.

Mrs Mason has confirmed that your children may arrive late to school both tomorrow and Wednesday mornings.

Please arrive at St James for 6.30pm tonight . Come down the side, through the doors and up the stairs to the café. The rehearsal will finish by 10, but if you feel that your child needs to be picked up earlier, that is also fine by me.

Please come upstairs to collect them, and please see me before you take them!

Dress is casual wear, such as leggings and t shirts, but no white. They will have their faces painted . Also, they will need a party hat/brightly coloured for a carnival. I will try and bring spares.

Thank you,

Mrs Dempster

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 10.07.17

What a great Sports Day! Thanks to the children for their efforts and great team spirit!

Now to our penultimate week:-

Numeracy: Having a last push at this term’s Rainbow Targets and times tables.

DT: We are making some interactive nursery rhyme storyboards to share with our partners in year 1.

We would appreciate some help with this, please let class teachers know if you are able to. Afternoons would be great!

Special Golden Time: As a thank you to the children for their wonderful behaviour in Lihou and across the year, we would like to hold a special Golden Time on Thursday afternoon. This involves a party on the field with water! Children can bring in water pistols or buckets and will need a set of clothes or bathers that they can get wet. A towel, sun hat and sunscreen.

End of year celebration: As a way to celebrate a fantastic year and to make the most of the learning opportunities our local area offers we would like to take the children to Moulin Huet on Wednesday 19th  July. We intend to ‘womble’ down to the beach, possibly visit Renoir’s hut, create some ‘Goldsworthy-inspired art on the beach, explore the rock pools, have some lunch and then wander back up for the end of school. There will be a letter next week with more details. However, you are welcome to join us as some point… why not pop down and have your lunch with us, or come for a spot of rock pooling? Such a beautiful place to relax (even with 80 children!). We do need some help walking to and from the beach so please let us know if you can help with that.

Books: Please could library books and any books borrowed from our bookshelves at school be returned in the next week-our bookshelves are looking empty!

Lost Property: We will be displaying lost property outside the year 4 exit doors at the end of school each day next week. Please have a good look for any ‘lost’ items. Anything left will either be old as 2nd hand uniform, donated to charity or disposed of.

Mrs Karia’s class assembly: Children should have brought home a script, please could you encourage them to learn their lines over the weekend.

Have a good weekend!

Year 4 Team

Weekly Update for week beginning 13.07.17

What a great time was had by all in Lihou. We would just like to say how well behaved the children were and their enthusiasm and enjoyment made it a delight to take them. We hope they slept well afterwards.

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Literacy: Finishing off our persuasive leaflets and editing and improving them.

Numeracy: Having a last push at this term’s Rainbow Targets.

DT: Children will be planning their interactive nursery rhyme storyboards.

Science: We will be finishing our expedition work for our Habitats topic.

Sports Day: We will be having the Lower Junior Sports Day on Friday 7th July (13:00-15:00). Please could you make sure children come into school in their sports kit, in the correct house colour and bring a hat, sunscreen and water bottle. Feel free to come along to support the children!

Transition: Throughout the week, children will be participating in transition sessions and will be meeting their class teacher on Friday 7th July.

Have a good weekend!

Year 4 Team