Lihou! Finally here!

Dear all,

Well, we’re finally here! Lihou week!

Please click on the link for the Guernsey Weather Fox’s summary of the week. WATERPROOF coats a MUST! And warm clothes.

A reminder of the kit list below. Have a great time everyone!

Essential Kit-All clearly named please!

 Sleeping bag or quilt (packed in a waterproof cover/bag e.g. bin liner
taped closed)
 Pillow case and a single sheet
 Wash kit and towel
 Waterproof jacket-essential
 Warm jumper/fleece top
 Indoor footwear ((e.g. slippers, crocs, flip flops-but MUST be clean)
 Wellington boots/ spare trainers (they may get wet crossing the
 Training shoes appropriate for climbing/ scrambling etc
 Personal clothing (not your best stuff!)
 Nightwear
 Teddy bear
 Sun cream/sun hat
 Any medicines / inhalers that have been prescribed-clearly labelled with name and dosage instructions*
 Drink bottle clearly named
 Pen/pencil and notebook
 Book to read
 Biscuits/ cakes for tea and evening snack-to be handed to teachers.
 No sweets or treats to be packed in suitcases please!
No torches required. Please do not bring any valuables to the house such as ipods or mobile phones as no responsibility can be taken for these items should they get damaged or lost. There is no need to bring any money as there is no facility to purchase anything on Lihou.

*Please provide any hayfever medication such as Piriton if your child suffers from hayfever-we are outside most of the time!

Weekly update 1st May

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 01.05.17

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed the sunshine. It’s been lovely to see the children again and they’ve had great fun on the tip trip today! The children were really well behaved and many adults commented on this, including the reporter from Channel TV! Tune in at 6pm tonight to watch, listen to radio Guernsey and look out in the Guernsey Press for us too!

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: Please see homework books for children’s new rainbow target on addition and subtraction. Please practice regularly at home.

Next week we will be wombling around the parish to collect rubbish which we will then use for data handling purposes.

Literacy: Exploring stories with issues and dilemmas, which includes script writing and focusing on one particular text called ‘The Canal’. We will be learning the story through actions and text mapping.

Geography: The trip to the tip was the launch of our topic on the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We will be learning more about our own environment and how we look after it- including a visit from Deputy Lindsay De Saumarez.

New classes: This week the children were asked to make five choices of who they would like to be in a class with next year, they are guaranteed at least one of their choices. Classes will be revealed next half term.

Lost property: At the end of last term there was a lot of lost property, please name things that children bring to school!

Last but not least, Mrs Judd will be absent from Monday 8th May for her rescheduled knee operation. As planned before, Mrs Dowding will be taking her class full time.

Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday 1st May.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Many Thanks

Year 4 trip reminder -Tomorrow

Dear all,

just a reminder that we’re off on a trip tomorrow, 28th April, to see how Guernsey deals with it’s waste. We have been informed that the Guernsey Press and Channel TV will be there as well covering a story about the disposal of nappies. However, they are very interested in our visit too!

Please let us know if you don’t wish your child to be filmed or interviewed just in case they want to do that-not wanting to appear on TV because they are wearing a high-vis jacket and hard hat is not a reason-especially teachers!

Please see previous blog for more details but we advise a layer of sun cream as the UV index is quite high at the moment.

We are really looking forward to this exciting and informative trip.

Year 4 team

End of term and information for next term

Easter Service

WOW, wow, wow! The children worked so hard during rehearsals for the Easter service and, we think you will agree, they did spectacularly well! What a performance! The singing and acting were amazing. We are so proud of them. Click on the links below for the power point that was shown during the performance and pictures of rehearsals.

Easter Service 2017 Powerpoint


We are pleased to announce that we raised nearly £150 for our chosen charity-Diabetes UK-Guernsey Branch. A very worthy cause, close to our hearts. Thank you for all you support and for coming to watch.

Next Term:

PE Lessons

Swimming lessons will start again next term. Please see below for PE arrangements this term:-

Class Indoor PE Swimming Outdoor PE
Miss Dyke Monday am Tuesday pm Wednesday pm
Mrs. Dowding’s Thursday pm Tuesday pm Wednesday am
Mrs. Karia’s Tuesday pm Friday am Wednesday pm
Kit required Shorts, t-shirt and trainers Swimming kit-bathers, towel, hat, goggles (optional) Shorts, t-shirt and trainers (warmer clothes if cold and sun hat/cream if hot)


New Rainbow Targets on mental addition and subtraction will be sent home during the first week. We will be practising them at school by playing some games. We will also be using a trial and improvement method to solve problems. Please keep learning those times tables by heart as well! By the end of year 4 children should have instant recall of ALL times tables.


We will be starting a new topic on stories with issues and dilemmas.


This term’s topic has a geographical theme of looking after our environment where we will be exploring how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

We will be launching this topic with a ‘Trashion Show’ so please start saving your rubbish! See below for ideas of how we could reuse our rubbish to make wonderful, new, ‘must-have’ fashion items!:-

We also have a trip planned on Friday 28th April to La Fontaine Recycling Depot, Longue Hougue Reclamation site and Mont Cuet Landfill site and will then be conducting a ‘wombling’ clean up of Choet beach. Buses will be leaving school just after 9am and returning at 2:30pm. We will send further details home on the first day back. Please let us know if you can accompany us.

Happy holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this term. Have a lovely Easter break!

Best wishes

Year 4 team

Weekly Update week beginning 27th March

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 27.03.16


What a brilliant Red Nose Day we have had! Thank you for all your donations towards this worthy cause..

We also had an amazing ‘Feel the Force’ Day and the children were fully focused and did some brilliant science. Thank you so much for all the parent helpers-we really appreciate it! Thanks also, for making the effort to bring in the bikes, scooters, skateboards etc.


Here’s what will be happening next week:-

Numeracy: We will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.

Literacy: Re-telling the story ‘The Black Box’ and planning our sci-fi story. Children will be given the choice of either rewriting the story in their own words, substituting the story or writing it from another point of view.

Science/ICT: Children will be carrying on with making their iMovie’s about Feel the Force Day.

Easter Service: We will be going to the church to rehearse our Easter Service on: Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th between 1:00-2:15pm and Friday 31st between 09:45-10:30am. If you are able to accompany us then please let us know.

The children should know what they need for their costumes, please could they bring them in to school as soon as possible.

There will be no literacy homework this week. Instead, please can the children learn their words for the Easter Service-especially the words for the songs!

Many Thanks for your support, have a good weekend!

Year 4 Team

Science-Feel the Force!


Year 4 have spent the day exploring forces and friction as part of their feel the force day. They have ridden their bikes, scooters, skateboards etc around the school grounds to find out where it was easier or harder to move.

They then carried out investigations that explored how different surfaces affect how cars and smelly trainers can move and what forces there are acting on parachutes.

We are now going to make a film of our learning.

Here are some useful web links and films to find out more.

Bitesize Science

Science Clips

Physics for kids