5 thoughts on “Miss Green’s Class Timetable

  1. Miss green to go on your own google account it’s not letting me because I don’t know the first bit with sch .gg would you be able to tell me or at school .

    • Hi Indianna, if you bring your reading record in on Monday we can stick your log on into it so you can get onto your google account at home.

  2. Miss green it worked and I showed the picture to Tallulah , I asked Tallulah are we going to the dentist in the morning she said well not in the morning but near the morning I said ok I will have to ask mum so I will tell you tomorrow at school but i think it’s in the morning ,Miss green in School counsellor when do the people in the class ask you the questions then you write it down or it that soon but at first I think we will go around and say are names and stuff . Bye miss Green

  3. My mum said do you think I would be able to go in Tallulah year group for the Halloween disco or she comes to mine because she said I don’t won’t to go only if Indianna and lexi come with me so would be able to tell my mum or me at school

  4. Miss green to practice are song cause on your computer you can listen to the song well go on to a different thing but for iPads and iPhones it doesn’t let us

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