Mystery Plays

Thank you to everyone for such a fantastic rehearsal yesterday. As you can imagine, with only 2 days to put everything together it takes a great effort from everyone involved.

Mrs Mason has confirmed that your children may arrive late to school both tomorrow and Wednesday mornings.

Please arrive at St James for 6.30pm tonight . Come down the side, through the doors and up the stairs to the café. The rehearsal will finish by 10, but if you feel that your child needs to be picked up earlier, that is also fine by me.

Please come upstairs to collect them, and please see me before you take them!

Dress is casual wear, such as leggings and t shirts, but no white. They will have their faces painted . Also, they will need a party hat/brightly coloured for a carnival. I will try and bring spares.

Thank you,

Mrs Dempster