Midweek update!

Dear Parents,

Year 4 had a lovely time learning outdoors in maths today.  Please could all children bring in either wellies or a change of outdoor shoes for Thursday and a warm coat.

We were very lucky today to have Juliet, a reporter from the Guernsey Press, visiting us to tell us about writing newspaper articles.  Look out over the next few weeks for us in the paper.

Finally, please could you inform your class teacher if your child is away at all in the last week of term (3rd April – 7th April) as we have already had to re-cast a few parts for our Easter Service due to this.

Many thanks in advance,

Year 4 team.

The Olaf Challenge!

My frozen ice cube buddies want to come to school, but they’re worried that they will melt in the hot classrooms!  Can you help them?

In your teams in class and over the next 2 weeks, we’d like you to design and make something which will keep Olaf’s ice cube buddies frozen for as long as possible.  You can use any materials you want, but it must be made by you, as a team!  If you need some ideas, you could look at the things you have at home which keep things cold.

  • Research which materials are better and why-use links on the blog, books, own knowledge, other’s knowledge
  • Test out your ideas
  • You need to present findings
  • Design and make your team’s invention
  • Be as creative as you like
  • Use your problem solving skills
  • Work as a team!


We will be holding a competition at the end of the 2 weeks to see which invention keeps the ice cubes the coolest!

Useful Links:-

BBC Science clips


What does a conductor do?

Insulating a beaker

Testing an ice cube

Suggestions for materials

How to make your own Thermos

The science behind a good thermos


What materials are good cold insulators?

The Science:

Heat passes through some materials easily and these materials are called thermal conductors.

Metals usually feel cold to the touch. Metals are good thermal conductors, because heat passes through them quickly.

Heat does not pass through some material such as plastic, oven glove, thermal underwear, cork board and wood. These materials are called thermal insulators.

These thermal insulators are good for keeping heat out as well and in. Some examples of good insulators are – a thermos – keeps hot things hot and keeps cold things cold, cooler – keeps the heat out and keeps the inside cool, and a polystyrene cup keeps the heat in and keeps it hot.

Remember that a good insulator is a poor conductor. 

Insulators often contain pockets of trapped air like feathers on a bird and fur on animals to keep them warm. 

Heat loves to travel and will travel from a warmer material to a colder material. The heat will only travel from hot things to colder things and never the other way around.

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 27.02.17

Another great half term with lots of fantastic learning. Thank you for your comments at parents’ evening we enjoyed seeing you all. We also enjoyed welcoming Ladies College who came into share their history projects. Here’s what’s coming the  week after half term:-

Numeracy: Working through word problems involving measures (all 4 operations).

Literacy: Exploring newspapers, the language used and their format.

Science: We will be launching our science topic on Keeping Warm with a very exciting ‘Olaf’ challenge.

Easter Service: After half term we will be starting to rehearse our Easter Service, the children have started to practise some songs. Parts have been given out today and scripts sent home so the children can start learning their words. We were incredibly impressed with all their auditions. Everybody will be involved in the production, so we hope that the children will be pleased with their roles.

Homework: We haven’t set any homework over the half term-please keep using the Mathletics website, learning those tables, practising spellings and reading. Please remember to continue with the reading challenge! But most of all enjoy the break, recharge those batteries and get out and appreciate our wonderful island.

Have a great week!

Many Thanks

Year 4 Team

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 13.2.17

What an exciting book themed week we have had!  Everyone has made a great start to our new reading challenge, keep up the fab reading. We have loved seeing everyone dressed as book characters today, what a lot of effort you have gone to! Here’s what’s coming next  week:-

Numeracy: We will be conducting our own ‘Time Challenges’ and doing some Problem Solving by working backwards.

Literacy: We will be writing our own Haikus and using Google docs.

Parents appointments: We look forward to seeing you next week!  

Easter Service: The children have now signed up for auditions for the Easter Service.  These will be very informal, where they will have a go at singing part of one of the songs they have begun learning (if they would like a singing part) or saying a little bit about themselves (if they would like an acting part.)

Free Reading Friday: A reminder that every Friday the children are allowed to bring in any appropriate reading material they would like to. If children bring in devices e.g. iPads they must have what they would like to read prepared.

Reading challenge: The children have started off well with their class reading challenges. Please could you encourage children to read a minimum of 10 minutes at home a day, even if they have read at school.

Many thanks, as always, for your continued support especially with the reading challenge!
Year 4 Team

Free Reading Friday

A reminder to children that tomorrow (Friday) is our first ‘free reading Friday’.  This means that children (with permission from parents/carers) are able to bring in any suitable reading material to school, for example: kindle, comics, cookery book, newspaper, other electronic devices (that you can read on).  

Don’t forget to dress up tomorrow as your favourite book character and bring your 50p if you would like to buy a book in the book sale!

Reading Challenge

Dear Parents/Carers,


In Year 4, each class has had great fun creating a reading challenge that they believe will promote an enjoyment of reading. Mrs Dowding’s class have come up with a cake theme, Miss Dyke’s a sweet shop theme, and Mrs Karia’s a super power theme.


Together children have created a criteria for the challenge:

  • A minimum of 7 reads a week (at least 10 minutes of reading a day)
  • Over a week that equals to at least 70 minutes
  • When you have achieved 7 reads you collect either a cake, sweet treat or a super power.
  • Children have 6 weeks to collect all of the above.
  • Children or parents to fill in record card when children have completed their read.


Research has shown that children are more successful readers when they are intrinsically motivated rather than motivated through use of rewards e.g. house points. See link for further explanation: https://prezi.com/myurl_1dbo0b/reading-reward-programs-and-intrinsic-vs-extrinsic-motivati/

The aim for this reading challenge is for children to achieve personal goals and to challenge themselves rather than competing against their peers.


To support children in completing their reads, we will be running pop up reading clubs where children can come in and read before school if they want to, on the following days:

Tuesdays (Mrs Karia’s Room) 8.30-8.45am

Wednesdays (Miss Dyke’s Room) 8.30-8.45am

Thursdays (Mrs Dowding’s Room) 8.30-8.45am

In addition, quiet reading during homework club on a Monday lunchtime is also welcomed.


If there are any further queries regarding this reading challenge, feel free to contact your child’s class teacher.


We look forward to your support in this.


Many thanks,

Year 4 Team

Year 4 Weekly Update for week beginning 6.02.17

Here’s what’s coming next week:-

Numeracy: we will be solving time problems. Please practice telling the time at home.

Literacy: We will be looking at Haiku poetry this week.

Science:They will be doing their own presentations

Book Week: Next week is book week and we have a visiting author, Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries books coming to talk to us on Thursday. Also, we will all be dressing up as book characters on the Friday. There will also be lots of activities during the week to celebrate the love of reading and we will be launching the Year 4 reading challenge which has been designed and voted for by the children!

Parents’ appointments: please remember to book an appointment with your child’s teacher.


Any problems, please pop in and see us.

Please remember that there is a school closure on Monday for staff training.

Many Thanks

Year 4 Team