Rainbow Targets-Multiplication and Division


This year, children will also be given weekly multiplication and division target as well. Learning multiplication is an important foundation for learning different aspects of mathematics such as division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions. For students that don’t have a solid grasp of the times tables, they may find these other areas to be hard to understand as well.

If you think about it, you use multiplication in your day to day life. When you go grocery shopping, you often need to compare out the cost of similar items or how much it will cost to get multiple items. If you are cooking and need to make a double recipe you are going to need to know how to multiply and if you are at a store and want to determine what type of discount you are getting you need to learn multiplication. Multiplication and maths is used whether you realise it or not almost on a daily basis.

'Will learning this math allow me to calculate how many shopping are left until Christmas?'

Targets have been set and tests will also be sent home fortnightly so you can keep updated with your child’s progress. Here are some useful weblinks and resources that you can print off. Please ask if you have any queries or need more suggestions.




Pumpkin multiples

Tables trees

Kids Numbers

Printable resources:

tables grid terror tables

A 2 5 10-2ip6w1m

B 2 4 5-2ngw09u

C 2 4 8-29ekcq4

D 3 6 9-2kzm26n

E 7 8 9-14sbvvl

F 11 12 13-2bq1wqx

0 2 5 10

2 3 4 5 10 & 6

2 3 4 5 10

2 3 4 5, 6 8 & 10

All tables Right handed


Useful Apps:-

squeebles 2Squeebles: – Squeebles Times Tables 2 allows children to practise their
times tables in a  fun and interactive way. By answering times tables questions, children help Whizz to rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster and earn a multitude of rewards, as well as earning turns on two great mini-games.These are the grids we use in class for you to practise at home. Choose your challenge!

Math Duel: – Covering all the operations, Math Duel is a split screen mathematics game math duelthat pits two players against each other on the same device! Change settings for each player to level the playing field. New single player mode is also great for fun.


Quick Math-Children have to answer at speed y writing on the screen-good for fast recall and correcting number reversals. 

Image result for quick maths

Image result for quick maths

How you can help your child:


  • Have fun!
  • Find out what they already know
  • Make sure they understand
  • Demonstrate fast recall
  • Be interested in their learning
  • Use a chart
  • Provide encouragement
  • Make it practical

You can use a number of things to help your child learn the times tables such as games and music. There are some great videos and songs on Mathletics.

This can also be a great time for bonding between you and your child as you help them learn and memorise these essential facts.


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